Our Services

Over the past 20 years Stellar Technik has developed its expertise in the industry to a degree where we can offer a number of high quality services, these include;

  • Strip cut/Cross cut refurbishment and regrinding, fitting and installation - Whether it's a simple regrind you are after or a full refurbishment on the bolster/cradle, Stellar Technik can provide an efficient, high quality and cost-effective solution to meet your needs, we are happy to arrange carriage on any tools you need us to take a look at or alternatively we can visit you at your convenience. Whatever your requirements, we will have it covered.


  • Design Consultation on new and existing projects - We've done countless upgrade/modification projects on cutting tools and machine assemblies to ensure that any changeover or improvements you want to make run as smoothly as possible, minimising the downtime and cost to your business. We can help with the design, manufacture, logistics etc. and if there is something we can't do, you can be sure we know someone who can.



  • Actuator refurbishment - For customers who want to increase the longevity and production life of the cutting station without buying a new one, or to improve/upgrade an existing assembly to suit production changes.


  • Sealing head repair and refurbishment including elements and thermocouples - As the sub-heading suggests we offer a comprehensive maintenance/repair service for exisiting sealing head stations.


For more information on any of the services we can provide, please Contact Us.